Saturday , August 24 2019
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Coins of Bangladesh

Let’s Start Collecting!

Improve your coin collecting experience with Coins of Bangladesh Mobile App

Coin Prices

When you purchase a coin, do not forget to check the coin prices in the Coins of Bangladesh app

Rarity Index

Rarity index provides you clear understanding on whether the coin is common or rare

Free App

All these numismatic specifications now fits in your pocket and its 100% free to use.

Great App for You

Bangladesh Coin collectors organize your entire coin collections in this free and easy-to-use numismatics mobile app. Coins of Bangladesh – numismatics mobile app offers an extensive Bangladesh coins catalogue to choose from, allowing you to quickly begin adding your Poisha and Taka coins to the app.

500+ people already use Coins of Bangladesh! You can learn the fairly accurate coin prices of Coins of Bangladesh. Each coin contains a detailed numismatic info, high resolution images of obverse and reverse sides of coin, weight, size, rarity, mint mark, mint identification remark and mintage.

Unique Features

Poisha Coins

Coins of Bangladesh numismatics app provides complete catalogue of Poisha Coins

My Collection

Allows users of to keep track of their personal coin collections.


Accurate details of metal, weight, diameter, mint mark and shape of coins.

Taka Coins

Coins of Bangladesh numismatics app provides complete catalogue of Taka Coins

Coin Prices

Approximate coin prices of United States coins.

No Internet

Does not require an active internet connection to operate.

Let’s Start Collecting!

Whether you’re a novice, or an advanced numismatist – collecting coins, the Coins of Bangladesh App will prove indispensable at coin shows, coin shops, flea markets or anywhere you might encounter an Bangladesh coin for sale. I hope you enjoy using the Coins of Bangladesh Numismatics App, and please let us know if you have any issues or feedback.